Beefree Kids Clothing

Bee Free Kids Clothing offers a range of children’s fleece clothing that are as colourful, distinctive & unique as your little one. Their clothing lets kids play, explore, to be themselves & bee free. Beautifully designed & handcrafted by Caoimhe Tuthill in the Boyne Valley. Originally run as a cottage industry, Caoimhe soon found that her products were in such high demand, that the orders needed to increase and an introduction of her online shop has allowed the business to flourish.

Bammedia joined forces with Bee Free in 2012 ahead of their debut Showcase. We help develop the brand, packaging and identity. Once the Bee Free brand was confidently on its feet and recognized in gift stores nationwide, the need came to further their website into an
e-commerce store. We developed this in 2015 and made it a fully editable online store. Products and their shipping costs can now be easily managed by Caoimhe to cater for not only her national but international demand.