Blast & Wilde

Blast & Wilde is a tantalising tasty food company who launched a range of innovative and gourmet natural food products in 2012, such as Irish Creamery Butter with Lime and Chilli as well as Basil and Sundried Tomato Fresh Pesto. All of their products are handmade by husband & wife team, Bernie and Graham Canning in Co. Meath and pack quite the punch in the taste department. The delightful couple came to Bammedia in 2012 for a full branding overhaul.

We quickly realised we needed a new name to reflect the brands core values and so BLAST & WILDE was born; a BLAST of flavour and WILDE at heart. We established the messaging, created the logo and the packaging to boot. Their new brand identity has helped transport their butters and pestos from their local farmers market and on to their supermarket shelves where they belong.