"From our initial contact and scoping meetings with Bammedia, we were very impressed with their approach and flexibility. They listened very carefully to our needs and very sensitively produced a website we are proud of. Our website traffic has significantly increased with positive feedback and downloading of resource material. We highly recommend this company” - Paul McCoy, Managing Director

Castleross specialises in care of the elderly. They are at the forefront of pioneering professional practices, offering care in both their independent living village or in their state of the art complex which operates the ‘household’ or ‘teaglach’ model of care. Based in Carrickmacross, the Castleross team were a pleasure to work for and is an area of care that is close to our heart. We were approached to re-brand their existing identity to reflect better their philosophy of care.

Taking the thinking behind this culture on-board, we set about creating their unique logo. The entwined hands symbolise the connection between carers and the cared for, the families
and their loved ones. The hands are personal, show compassion and humanity and are also comforting. They also represent a heart which is the ultimate universal symbol of love, life and health. Together they represent Castleross and all they offer.