Listoke 1777
"Having just gone to market with our new gin - Listoke 1777, we are amazed at the response to our fantastic branding and packaging. The first thing everyone comments on is our botanical filled owl that swoops in from the back of our bottle. Bridget developed the brand from concept following a few hours out in Listoke with our team. Throughout the process she knew what was a winner and very patiently waited and helped us to see the value in her expertise. Our label is outstanding and our brand is the most remarkable I've seen in a very long time. I already have and will again recommend Bammedia to any company looking to stand out in their field - they certainly do. Thank you all for a fantastic brand." 
- bronagh conlan, managing director

Listoke 1777 are a brand, new to the market in late 2016. Their initial offering is a Small Batch Irish Gin, a fruity gin inspired by the botanicals from the Edwardian gardens of Listoke House. Listoke’s history is steeped in gin, with a family connection to distilling dating back to 1777. Bammedia were charged with creating this exciting new brand & messaging from scratch and we began this process by going back to the drawing board, literally!

Listoke 1777’s owl was hand painted by Bridget and incorporated into the packaging as a lead visual. The leafy wings of our botanical owl represent the infused flavours found within, the wisdom of the bird reflect the vast tradition and heritage of Listoke, while the painted medium echoes the long standing connection Listoke has with the arts. We have also created signage and print promotion items for their on-site Gin School.