Top Jock Tack Boxes
"Working with Bammedia has been great for our business, they are very easy to work with and very professional, but the thing I like the most is how they communicate their ideas to me in a way that helps me have more involvement in the creative process. Everything from designing the web site to creating the custom graphics for our products. I would highly recommend them to any company who is looking for someone to think outside the box.” - joseph moran, Executive Director

A Galway native, Joseph Moran started TopJock Tack Boxes in 2012, after a request from his wife Anna for a durable, weatherproof tack box that resembled what she had seen back home in her native New York. Joseph, who had both a carpentry trade and a lifetime love of horses, saw his opportunity and so began the tale of Top Jock. It has since become a successful and rapidly growing equestrian business in both Ireland and the US.

Bammedia have worked with TopJock from their humble beginnings to develop an identity and brand, assisting them in portraying what is already a prestigious and bespoke custom-built product. We've progressed the brand further through regular print promotion and creating artwork for their printed boxes. Bammedia have also developed their stylish website, which can be linked below. An international client which we hope will grow into a success story it deserves.