5 reasons to hire a branding, marketing and web design agency

Who do you trust to ensure that your correct target audience finds you and buys from you, repeatedly? Read on to find out why entrusting your marketing to a professional agency is always the right business decision.
Bridget Kerrigan
March 4, 2024

Regardless of what type of product or service is at the core of your business, your business’s financial success is profoundly linked to your marketing efforts. Such is the importance of marketing, who do you trust to ensure that your correct target audience finds you and buys from you, repeatedly? Read on to find out why entrusting your marketing to a professional agency is always the right business decision.

Reason 1 - We have the skills

Throughout the lifecycle of every brand or business, a multi disciplinary team is needed along the way; a brand designer will choose the name, a trademark lawyer will help you legally own it, a brand strategist will help define the market position and offering, a graphic designer will craft a logo and brand identity to suit, a photographer will photograph your product, a UI/UX web developer will develop your e-commerce website to sell it, a copywriter will craft your words, an advertiser will create clever campaigns, a digital marketeer will run these campaigns online and a manager will oversee it all. Each step involves the services of various design professionals, all of whom are always up to date with the latest technologies & trends in their respective disciplines. Choosing an agency that offers all of your online and offline needs under the one roof (such as web design and graphic design) ensures a consistent style across all of your marketing efforts. Outsourcing your marketing needs to an agency like ourselves here at BAM MEDIA is a cost effective way of gaining all of these multiple skillsets but with minimum hr headaches.

Reason 2 -We bring a fresh perspective

The difference between a mountain and a molehill is perspective. Designers and creatives across all disciplines have an innate ability to use the renown ‘design thinking process’ to research problems, seek out fresh perspectives, conceptualise and showcase new ideas, prototype and test solutions. Bringing in fresh eyes and fresh perspectives on a client’s problem can bring a new approach and a favoured solution and create new opportunities. The most common problem that faces in-house marketing departments, if you are lucky enough to have one, is tunnel vision. External outsourced teams are not looking at the same problem everyday, they bring other outside influences to the table and tend to be more creative and flexible with their ideation as a result.

Reason 3 - We have years of valuable relevant experience

Skills are definitely one thing, but experience is a whole other thing! Apart from the obvious benefit of leveraging the collective experience of each team member, working with a brand or web agency means you get their collective industry experience. Creative agencies like Bammedia work daily with a kaleidoscope of businesses; sole traders, SMEs, retailers, family businesses, large multinationals, start-ups, wind-downs, multi layered organisations, government agencies, volunteer and community groups and more. An agency’s client list will give you an insight into their knowledge and recent experience with many industries and many types of audiences. As a result, agencies tend to be business results focused and hyper aware of higher level consumer behaviour and trends which can be applied to many types of customers. These industry insights and the general agency oversight can save a lot of wasted time and wasted money.

Reason 4 - You get access to our little black book

Every top marketing, web design or branding agency who has been around for a while will have a little black book of precious, reliable and very valuable contacts and resources. Design agencies collaborate with external services daily from photographers, to videographers, to specialist packaging printers, to back end IT services, to games and app developers. They know who is the best printer for specialist food and drink packaging, or who is perfect for a high volume tourism brochure print run, they know which promotional company would have the tote bags a client needs in stock, or which photographer is best for studio work with reflective glass products. Working with a top agency gives you access to their professional network, which can be absolutely invaluable. 

Reason 5 - We are cost effective

And the final reason to hire or engage the services of a brand design agency, marketing agency and a web design agency is that they are super cost effective. They are efficient, flexible and available, ready to go, right now. Most design agencies are like well oiled engines, who are used to each other and work very effectively as a team. There is no learning curve or wasted time from do-it-yourself attempts that still don’t work out, we know how to get you results. Agencies offer greater financial flexibility too, with most offering the option of working on retainer fees OR on pre approved project based fees, so you can use them only when you need them, a bit like an ‘á la carte design department’ who can offer real bang for their buck. 


In a nutshell, your brand, your marketing efforts and your online presence signpost you. They shout out clearly and concisely what you offer so that your unique set of target consumers, those who feel a connection with your prod/service, return again & again. A professional agency is made up of skilled people who truly understand how to create that engagement with your specific consumers and in turn increase your sales. 

Get in touch with Bammedia today to find out how you can leverage our skills, our perspectives and ideas, our experience and our contacts to grow your business. 

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