Bammedia win IDI Ireland award 2022 for Packaging Design

Bammedia scooped a prestigious IDI Ireland award for Packaging Design (Visual Communications).
Cormac Kerrigan
March 4, 2024


The IDI Ireland award winners exemplify the very best of Irish design, so it was without doubt a massive achievement for our team to finally to receive an award for our work in Packaging Design (Visual Communications) for the up and coming "Fire & 5th" brand. The awards ceremony took place at the Marker Hotel Dublin and was split over several different design disciplines from fashion design, architecture, illustration and visual communications.

Fire & 5th logo

What was the Design Challenge?

Fire & 5th is a new to market, non alcoholic, spirit alternative. It is a an invigorating botanical drink expertly blended to stimulate the senses and unleash energy. Its key flavour notes are chilli and blood orange. Unlike other non alcoholic drinks, this drink has a real kick, a chilli kick, and a punchy citrus taste that stimulates your tastebuds and makes the drinker feel energized, ready to dance the night away.

Bammedia was tasked to design a striking brand identity and bottle label that helped the product make an impact on shelf and in bars. Two keys asks from the client were to demonstrate the product’s key USP; heat, kick, stimulate the senses, and 2) to communicate the social story of meeting up, criss crossing of lives in a busy world.

Fire & 5th Packaging Design by Bammedia

How was the brief fulfilled?

The brand and product is targeted at a cohort of Millennials and Gen Zers, who are typically more diverse and progressive than previous generations. For this reason, the design aesthetic and brand language is not afraid to be bold and provocative; hot, fruity and spicy.

Taking inspiration from street art, the overall aesthetic has an urban unhinged collage feel to it, yet still retains a slick premium feel that appeals to all sexes. We have chosen a kaleidoscopic of colours and patterns, for their energy and buzz, suggestive of a nightclub rhythmic vibe, setting the scene for where our product will be most likely consumed.

The wrap around label is where it all happens… Like a good mullet; it’s all business to the front & party to the back, which makes a nice feature when stacked side by side on shelf! The design features a striking women being fed a chilli in a provocative manner, underlining the physical product description of hot, fruity and spicy.
The brand language and tone of voice is equally suggestive; “Bite Me”, “Get your kick”, etc, and is targeted at party revellers who “Never Miss a Beat”, and who “Partaaay all Night” and potentially still get up for work without a hangover, thanks to Fire & 5th.

The label is printed on textured matt paper with a spot varnish applied to highlight all black areas, making for a tactile experience in hand. It is paired with a simple black seal and a tamper seal sticker emblazoned with the brand tagline “MEET YOU THERE”.

Fire & 5th Packaging Design by Bammedia

"There was a brand language here which was refreshing and different. "


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