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When artists and history buffs with a grá for Irish heraldry combine their ideas, Celtic Clans was born.
Cormac Kerrigan
March 4, 2024

In my early childhood I acquired an old battered heraldic map of Ireland which detailed the coat of arms and locations of Ireland's most popular family surnames. The map has always proved to be a fascinating guide to Ireland's rich and colourful history of family heraldry and would eventually inspire the creation of Celtic Clans; an artistic outlet to celebrate these ancient arms with a modern twist.

Irish Family Crests Map of Ireland

Combining this grá for Irish Heraldry alongside Bridget's artists skills, we set out to create and personalise ancient Irish family crests in a unique and modern style. Our family crest designs begin as hand-drawn, hand-painted and digitally crafted artworks. Each family coat of arms is a personalised print that makes for a charming wall art or wedding gift for the happy couple.

Bridget from Celtic Clans creating Bespoke Family Crests

Whilst the Celtic Clans project is still very much in its infancy, it's already proved to be a huge hit with like-minded folks, eager to explore and honour their family heritage. Visit our website and use the form inputs on the personalised wedding gift page to create your own unique crest. You have options to upload family crest references, enter family names, family mottos + choose; frame colour, wedding names, date or a simple message.

contemporary wedding present

Our family crests are framed using A3 sized solid wood frames with 2mm glazing. These are Irish made, from sustainable wood. Artwork is also available without a frame and mounted on A3 mountboard, packaged using white display backs. We also print our crests on high quality Rives 250gsm paper, providing an elegant finish. 

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