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M1 Corridor
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The Brief

The M1 Corridor is at the centre of economic activity in Ireland. It is strategically located at the heart of Ireland’s Dublin-Belfast Economic Corridor (DBEC), making the region an ideal base for companies looking to access both the EU and UK marketplaces. The group is steered by a number of different organisations in the region, who aim to promote business investment and regional development in the area. Bammedia were chosen as the design agency to revitalise the M1 Corridor brand and develop a brand new website, to focus on effectively showcasing the regions exceptional performance metrics.


M1 Corridor

The Result

The Brand Identity reflects the M1 Corridor as a vibrant hive of activity that is at the heart of the economic development in Ireland. We created a logo comprising of four moving circles/cylinders/spotlights that individually represent the activity of companies and people in this region, but when combined they morph into the letter M or M1. They reflect the M1 Corridor's four core pillars: talent, infrastructure, connectivity and lifestyle.

Our spotlights give this branding scheme a real sense of movement and vibrancy, which is further explored within the visual language of the brand. The tagline ‘invest here, expand anywhere’ was chosen to spike interest, hinting at the possibilities of investing here, the future growth and return on investment. The tagline also reflects the success and growth that companies based here have achieved to date.

This branding scheme is designed to be fluid and adaptable. It is corporate in tone yet still has stand out impact and a fun approachable feeling, that ultimately shines a light on our achievements to date and helps us to proudly showcase the M1 offering.

We developed an animated map of the M1 Corridor which immediately draws the users attention to the region and how it stretches right across the only open border between the EU and the UK. This animation also showcases essential data around population of the M1 Corridor catchment area, commute times between the island's two largest cities and the region's two economic hubs (Dundalk and Drogheda).

Finally, the M1 Corridor website was custom designed, developed and styled around their new branding and looped animation. It's a vibrant and eye catching responsive website which showcases their performance metrics and impact figures using bespoke branded icons. It centres around their four core pillars: talent, infrastructure, connectivity and lifestyle and also has a blog function to showcase the region's latest business development and news.


We developed a suite of custom icons as a core part of the visual language of the M1 Corridor's new brand identity.

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