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Premium Body Nutrition

PBN Nutrition
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PBN Nutrition
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The Brief

PBN is an extensive range of premium quality sports nutrition products retailing Whey Proteins, Vegan Proteins, Amino Acids, Micellar Casein, Creatine, Weight Gainers and Meal Replacements. Prior to their launch in 2018, Bammedia was tasked with generating a trademark-able brand name, a distinct brand identity and packaging design that would elevate the PBN products in a busy marketplace.


PBN Nutrition

The Result

Bammedia helped shape this brand from the ground up. We chose the acronym PBN (Premium Body Nutrition), as it encapsulates all that PBN is about; superior quality PREMIUM ingredients, a focus on the BODY to work harder and achieve more and advanced NUTRITIONal blends that fuel an athlete's performance.

The products are designed for athletes seeking to increase protein intake to help aid the growth of lean muscle mass. The visual language of this sector is a dark and results focused aesthetic. We developed our brand and packaging with this in mind, and incorporated sporty action lines in an upward trend, suggesting growth, improvement and performance.

The packaging range is built around a colour coded design system which groups separate products by flavour, making it easy for the customer to navigate the 50+ range of products. These metallic colour blocks also inject some much needed colour into the dark aesthetic of this sector to create shelf impact.

New product lines include a full Vegan range (white base colour), ranges of protein bars, capsules, vitamin supplements, pots of high protein noodles and rice dishes. Outer cases and Point of Sale boxes have been designed to match.

A simple brochure website was created to allow customers to find PBN on-line and link through to their main sales channel on Amazon.

Product Photography was also provided by Bammedia.

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